Ongoing Allied Works

# Details
1. Construction of New Mooring Overflow Container Yard for Chittagong Port Authority
2. Construction of 4 Nos Lighterage Jetty and 01 No Service Jetty behind Patenga Incontrade Container Depot. for Chittagong Port Authority
3. Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Rubber Fender and Horizontal Bracing Beam at Sadarghat 400m Lighterage Jetty for Chittagong Port Authority
4. Spplying, Fitting & Fixing Rubber Fender in place of wooden fender at ICT Pangaon Jetty (CPA)
5. Replacement of damaged Rubber Fender For CCT, NCT and RM-04 Jetties for Chittagong Port Authority
6. Supply and Installation of Security Signboard of various size and design with printing of Security and Safety Instructions and Mobile Security Posts as per samples for Chittagong Port Authority
7. Land Development (Filling) of Mirsari Economic Zone 2A (Package Number BEZA-WD-DPM-02) for Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)
8. Construction of Embankment at Sabrang Trourism Park, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazaar for Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)
9. Construction of IFF Centre at BN Dockyard for Bangladesh Navy